If you see a 1000 shillings note on a busy street and no one is bothering to pick it up, you ask yourself some obvious questions;

Am I the only one who is broke?

How is it that no one is interested?

It would be odd if I picked it up, wouldn’t it? You walk past the note thinking, what a strange thing.

That is the attitude of men when they see beautiful ladies that are single.

Men may want to talk to such ladies but the obvious questions come knocking;

How is it that with all the beauty she’s still single?

Guys should be lining up, isn’t it strange that in a room full of guys I’m the only one interested? They walk away thinking, what a strange thing!!

It’s funny how the whole thing can turn you into a Philosopher.

Now why would a guy leave such a lady? Thoughts roam about and you come to a conclusion that is appealing but not necessarily true; this lady must have a weakness or weaknesses that overshadow her beauty.

There is the other line of thought, when guys see a beautiful lady; they conclude that with all that beauty, she must have a boyfriend or a couple of them!! And so, would be suitors don’t approach.

I subscribe to the former thought, that beautiful ladies are sort of “damaged goods” or at least that’s the mentality men have when they see a beautiful lady that has been single for a while.

Men walk away thinking, “With all that beauty she ought to have men lining up for pictures, but since there are none, she must have a problem!”

Ladies, this is my simple attempt to explain why there are no takers!


SHARON, you broke my heart, I’ve never recovered, I hope you die a slow and painful death and you also get hit by bus when you are crossing the river.

NATASHA, I wanted to break up with you long before, but as a good Christian, I decided to let you break up with me. Your esteem was not that high and there was no need of kicking a lady that was already down.

MARIA, you used me until your Christian convictions caught up with you. Can’t wait for judgment day!

MEDRINE, I thought visiting your church was a thoughtful gesture, how you interpreted that as stalking makes me doubt if you went to school at all, did you?

MARY, how alcohol was a deal breaker, baffles me, thanks alcohol; the relationship would have been staggering.

PAULINE, can’t put a face to the name, you have to remind me, I don’t remember.

ANNE, you ate a lot on our first date, I had to walk home. How a human could consume fruit juice and tea, rice, peas and vegetables and cake in one sitting flabbergasts me!! For a moment I thought you were just released from prison!

FRACIA, I was to call you the following day, I forgot.

CAROL, you were a great cook, sad there was never a second date.

JOAN, men die before women so we are still possible.

JANE, you share a name with my mum, dating you was too close to home!

KATE, best days of my life.

JANET, you’d have said something; I felt the same way too.

MARIAM, I help you out because I feel guilty, I always feel you’d never have gotten pregnant if I was serious with you. I hope you find happiness quickly; guilt can be a heavy feeling!

BEATRICE, you drained every single feeling a human being could have for another. You are a horrible person.

EMMA, kinda love my job guys, NO COMMENT!

DEAR FUTURE WIFE, I hope you don’t have a long list like this one, when your love heals these wounds, I know the scars will be beautiful.


Love comes with Hurt as every rose comes with thorns.

To smell the sweet fragrance is to accept the painful prick.

To accept Love is to accept Hurt.

To yearn for Love, is to yearn for Hurt.

If Love is Honey, then Hurt is the vomit when you have too much of it.

Hurt is the evidence of the Love, the greater the Hurt, the greater the Love.

Love is nothing more than accepting that hurt is a byproduct of this greater goal.

The more you Love, the greater the Hurt.

Where there is no Hurt, there is no Love.

If you love with restrictions, the joys come with restriction.

If you love wholeheartedly, you enjoy the benefits of love abundantly!

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